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I think out side of the box, and outside of that box, and outside of that one, and outside of that...

36, Male


Vocational one.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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wow you just figuered this out?

I woulnd say you are 22, get a life...

I do have a life, im about to start a family and get my degree as a mortician. what have you do*? :D

*done lol happy?

ok first of all why not just ignore blam points?. second you get 10xp a day that means it will take u around 10 years to get to lvl sixty from the begining. and third YOU ARE NOT 22, 22 year olds dont go on ng, 22 year olds dont play games on the internet(bullshit a 22 year old adds stickicide 3 to favourites) and fucking bullshit your starting a family at 22. And you said what have you do in the guys post above me THAT DOSENT MAKE SENSE

I don't know

10 years theorectically, but at my rate, i wasn't depositing the points everyday. so mathmatically, the average points per whatever was lower then the theoretical max

Do you require pictures? I have my mugshot from jail, pictures of the fetus, ID card, trial papers or website, college shit, whatever

haha, dude im fucking cool like that, i just dont wanna grow up

plus i live in sin fucking city! everybody here has kids when they are teenages, im like the oldest person here who hasn't had a kid ahahaha

just a quick heads up.. while it may be up the the user to delete spam responses its totally up to us if we decide to delete your account based on how much spam you harass other people with.

just do me a favor , you're 22 years old, im assuming you know better to keep that nonsense to minimum.

hahhaa I am gonna visit you when your a mirtician! fucking gAIDS's here can blow here a big one!