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Awesome!! I didn't like the movie too much tho...

Bad ass!

Definitely submitting this to the collab collection.


You are a genius sir!

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One of the worst demos I've ever played.

I didn't really see it as an rpg, but I don't know what to categorize it as.

It really did just suck. I felt that you didn't incorporate anything that makes a good adventure game.

When something explodes, the ground usually gets damaged. Everything I've seen from this demo is a complete failure and definitely not worth any money at all.

hechaos responds:

Each weapon has a varying explosive radius - eg the Roman Candles hardly damage the ground, but the ceramic bombs destroy a lot more surface area.

In a way, you are right, it's not a true RPG or adventure game, per se, more of a platformer with RPG elements. A difficult one to classify.

By the way , your review can bite my shiny metal arse.

More shit.

The only reason why I didn't like this game is the lack of accuracy. I can sit there and shoot for days and not know where I hit because of the lack of blood splatter. Then I'm 3 inches away from the zombie, unloading 2 clips in his head, and nothing. Really need to fix the aim system.

Second, when you unlock an attachment, how do you know if it's equipped?

Few other things that sucked about it is the lack of heavy guns, grenades, and more better unique attachments.

benjadaninja responds:

Would you just shut the hell up? Go back to jacking it.

Honest Review,

This game crashed my browser. Other than the repetitiveness, it's really an awesome game. I like the graphics and the design and the bosses. The music is fucking hilarious although. Did you use a 2 second loop?


- Save and load feature.
- The troops should attack every one, including the ones in nightmare.
- As well, every enemy should attack your troops.
- I wish you could control your troops.
- Upgrade menu. Maybe you could get a bigger bone or better troops.
- The experience points should do a hella lot more than just summon troops.
- The summon troops button thing only uses 5 xp, not 90.
- Power ups.
- Armor.
- Health potions.
- Quality toggle button with a shortcut key so it doesn't crash your browser.
- A shortcut for summoning troops so you don't have to stop attacking.
- More than one attack. Or maybe more than one type of enemy at a time.
- Options menu.

I think the main problem is that your game is way to simple and gets boring after a couple seconds. There is so much more you could put into this without cluttering it.

0/5 (It crashed my browser)

StoneAgeGames responds:

Dear gamers,

Thanks for the comments so far!

We have been thinking about publishing SAC II and why not SAC III in year 2009, considering your comments.

Till that enjoy SAC I :)



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Yea this is cool!

Definitely putting this into my game!


this song is pretty fucking cool!

PrEmoEffect responds:

Cool thanks, I hope its dancable enough :D

Hey, this is some prett damn good work.

If this was 6 or more minutes, I don't know what I would do.

Great Job!

PrEmoEffect responds:

well, we will just find out when i finish now wont we ;)

I think out side of the box, and outside of that box, and outside of that one, and outside of that...

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