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Yum Cha Showdown Yum Cha Showdown

Rated 0 / 5 stars

One of the worst demos I've ever played.

I didn't really see it as an rpg, but I don't know what to categorize it as.

It really did just suck. I felt that you didn't incorporate anything that makes a good adventure game.

When something explodes, the ground usually gets damaged. Everything I've seen from this demo is a complete failure and definitely not worth any money at all.

hechaos responds:

Each weapon has a varying explosive radius - eg the Roman Candles hardly damage the ground, but the ceramic bombs destroy a lot more surface area.

In a way, you are right, it's not a true RPG or adventure game, per se, more of a platformer with RPG elements. A difficult one to classify.

By the way , your review can bite my shiny metal arse.

Zombie Blaster 3. Zombie Blaster 3.

Rated 0 / 5 stars

More shit.

The only reason why I didn't like this game is the lack of accuracy. I can sit there and shoot for days and not know where I hit because of the lack of blood splatter. Then I'm 3 inches away from the zombie, unloading 2 clips in his head, and nothing. Really need to fix the aim system.

Second, when you unlock an attachment, how do you know if it's equipped?

Few other things that sucked about it is the lack of heavy guns, grenades, and more better unique attachments.

benjadaninja responds:

Would you just shut the hell up? Go back to jacking it.

Stoneage Conqueror Stoneage Conqueror

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Honest Review,

This game crashed my browser. Other than the repetitiveness, it's really an awesome game. I like the graphics and the design and the bosses. The music is fucking hilarious although. Did you use a 2 second loop?


- Save and load feature.
- The troops should attack every one, including the ones in nightmare.
- As well, every enemy should attack your troops.
- I wish you could control your troops.
- Upgrade menu. Maybe you could get a bigger bone or better troops.
- The experience points should do a hella lot more than just summon troops.
- The summon troops button thing only uses 5 xp, not 90.
- Power ups.
- Armor.
- Health potions.
- Quality toggle button with a shortcut key so it doesn't crash your browser.
- A shortcut for summoning troops so you don't have to stop attacking.
- More than one attack. Or maybe more than one type of enemy at a time.
- Options menu.

I think the main problem is that your game is way to simple and gets boring after a couple seconds. There is so much more you could put into this without cluttering it.

0/5 (It crashed my browser)

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StoneAgeGames responds:

Dear gamers,

Thanks for the comments so far!

We have been thinking about publishing SAC II and why not SAC III in year 2009, considering your comments.

Till that enjoy SAC I :)



Climbing Ninja Climbing Ninja

Rated 1 / 5 stars


I couldn't even finish the first level. The only thing wrong with this game is the way you executed your game. The controls are shit and so is the special abilities. You should be able to upgrade them.

Cannon Defense Cannon Defense

Rated 0 / 5 stars

It seemed like a good game...

But you completely failed. None of the hit tests worked. As well:

- Bullets shouldn't go through people.
- Or helicopters, tanks, and everything in the game. Definitely need to fix that.
- When you click the upgrade button, your gun shouldn't fire.
- Turret upgrades
- Slower gradient for the muzzle velocity


Need to look up some tutorials for hit tests.

Maxwelldoggums responds:

ok. I take your criticism. The hit tests work well for me... you're not supposed to be able to hit troops with shells, you try hitting ONE guy with an artillery piece =)

Thank you, I'll work on improving that.

Destroy All Zombies III Destroy All Zombies III

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's a very good game.

I like the weapons and the tiers, but more weapons would be nice.

More levels would be cool.

Major glitch I didn't like, if the enemy is attacking you and you try shooting them, it just goes right thru them.

Look forward to the 4th one!

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VK 1939 VK 1939

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Horribly coded game

- The selection mouse drag shit never worked
- The screen would sometimes scroll to the top automatically and you can't move it down
- The selection of the truck doesn't work

It's wayyyy to buggy. Needs some work.

Eternal Red Eternal Red

Rated 5 / 5 stars

cash gun


I'm making $9 every 8th of a second, so invest early.

Could use some more graphics for the upgrades.

Hands of War RPG Hands of War RPG

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars



The only thing I didn't like was the lack of variability. I think weapons, armor, etc. should all vary for stats. Like a certain steel armor shouldn't always be 15 to defense. That certain armor should vary maybe +/- 5 to armor to give that game some extra playing time.

Red Code Red Code

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Reasons why I didn't like it.

- I was going to give 1 point for the skip button, but you didn't include a skip button for your own annoying logo.
- No options menu.
- No music or volume. Just yes or no for sound? Ok what if I want to turn the gun volume up and turn your shitty ambient bgm down?
- 3 weapons I guess are nice, but even keeping with the laser theme, you could of added a lot more like a laser canon.
- Upgrades had no visible characteristics. You could of at least changed the color of the laser.
- You could of put a feature where you hold the mouse button and it charges the laser to do a powerful blast (single would be canon, burst would be gatling gun, and shotgun would just fire everywhere like flak) and it would use up all the ammo.
- Power ups such as speed boost, invisibility, extra health, etc.
- Enemies that shoot back and dropped weapons.
- A way to fix your ship.
- Better upgrades. Upgrades for damage, clip size, rate of fire, etc.
- The scroll bar should switch weapons.
- Shield.
- A much larger upgrade system. Maybe put it inside the ship. This would include things like make a weapon, upgrade existing, combine weapons maybe.
- Just 1 type of grenade? Sticky, timed, remote, etc. More fucking grenades.
- I think you should be able to set up some sort of defense, such as rocks, landmines, barricades, etc.
- Hit the enemy with your gun.
- What about NPC's that play along and help you.
- Running or dashing would be amazing. So would kicking.
- Some way to upgrade your health and auto heal.
- More enemies.
- Boss enemies.
- You should be able to hold more than 1 grenade. Maybe after the red bar fully loads, you get 1 grenade and it loads again.
- Levels would be kick ass. After 10 levels, you fight the boss, and move on the next place.
- Finishing the story line would be cool. Every 10 levels or w/e, you move on and after 10 or so of those you beat the game.
- You could keep the arcade mode, but put other modes in there: Story, Capture the flag, kill 100 of whatever, etc.
- Difficulty selector.
- Team mates?
- 2 player or online mode.
- Music and a selection system to cycle through it.
- Other usable items such as armor.
- Longer repeating background sound loop.
- Maybe the guns should over heat.
- More ship weapons such as a rocket launcher.
- Fucking sandbox mode would be awesome. You would be able to select which monsters, what level, and how many of them, as well as upgrade your weapons.
- Do the enemies just keep getting bigger? I'm at level 20 and I think I could predict a problem.
- Different armor colors would add a little bit of fun.
- You should be able to stomp the bugs. Even it took some health away, it would still be awesome to kill them that way.
- Sniper laser ftw.
- Why doesn't the grenade self inflict damage?
- Upgrade for accuracy and maximum throwing length of grenade.
- Friendly fire?
- Awards or achievements.
- The sound from the AI gun goes out here and there.
- Definitely need something to break the monotony. How about a cut scene every 15 levels or so, or maybe a change of location. After playing for 30 seconds, it just repeats. That is what really killed this game.

===TIPS TO WIN:===
- Fuck the vulcan gun.
- Upgrade whatever is cheapest, but never the vulcan.
- Use shotgun all the time.
- Every time the grenade option is available, use it, no matter what.
- Don't kill those fat fuckers, grenades kill em in one hit, until they are close to your base, harvest them by going duck hunting. You can get 200+ energy in no time.
- At the beginning of each level, run as far as you can and throw a grenade.
- Then defend your self all the way back. Stay back there because you can shoot those small flying fucks that come out of that big fucker all the way across the screen.
- After all your weapons are fully upgraded, then upgrade the vulcan gun.
- Remember you can double jump.

0/5 in general.
1/10 for the nifty coloring scheme.

It's not worth your time, you can play for hours, but it's too fucking repetitive.
Needs a proper sequel, then it would be alright.